Our four-legged friends are like children. They also need to be saved from the war.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine. The scale of the catastrophe is tremendous. Civilian casualties, refugees, destruction of homes and infrastructure, blockages of supply chains for basic food and water. Children and their pets became hostages. A lot of animals remain abandoned in the streets, and shelters are on the verge of survival.

Some of our breeders have left the country by taking all catteries with them, some stayed and had a different type of struggle. Most importantly is to feel safe, but it's genuinely not what most people experience right now.


When you decide to welcome a kitten to your family, have you asked yourself why are you doing that? What do you want to feel in the experience?

Mostly, it's comfort, its love, when you don’t wait for anything in return. Caring for someone you just enjoy looking at, will make your day more optimistic.

Cats are about love and kindness! This moment is here. We need to show kindness to our little ones, help them live, eat and play, and be loved by someone. We all deserve a family, especially the ones who cannot care for themselves.


As you know, our kittens are from Ukraine! You all love them and it's a fact. Foreign, beautiful creatures that are here because you needed a real friend that will become your family.


What can you do to contribute?

1. Share with your friends. Tell them that the situation is enormous.

2. Donate.

The funds will be transferred to the Ukrainian breeders who need help in buying supplies for the cat's life. We report daily on who receives help on our social networks. Instagram: @happy_paws_us

1. By purchasing a pure breed kitten from our website or meeting in person, you are saving a life, by giving him home and your heart.


Our hearts are with the people and animals of Ukraine, and we pray for a swift end to this senseless crisis.


You can help. Your emergency donation will help fund the purchase and distribution of urgently needed pet food and supplies to those with pets remaining in Ukraine as it remains under attack. Give today!