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Ajax Scottish Fold male, black gold tickedAjax Scottish Fold male, black gold ticked
Anel Burmese female, blue turtleAnel Burmese female, blue turtle
Antonio Scottish Straight male, lilacAntonio Scottish Straight male, lilac
Ax Scottish Fold male, color pointAx Scottish Fold male, color point
Baddy Burmese male, sableBaddy Burmese male, sable
Baddy Sphynx male, blue pointBaddy Sphynx male, blue point
Balu Scottish Fold male, blueBalu Scottish Fold male, blue
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Barbie Persian Extreme female, white with darkBarbie Persian Extreme female, white with dark
Barry Burmise male, champagneBarry Burmise male, champagne
Barry Devon Rex male, black harlequinBarry Devon Rex male, black harlequin
Beatrice Maine Coon female, blue smoke
Bella Burmese female, platinumBella Burmese female, platinum
Berta Burmese female, champagneBerta Burmese female, champagne