What do you do when your dream dies?
Sit and cry... Give up... Look for the guilty... Or after all to give another chance?
This what happened to me, one winter morning, when I was 16.

Hello, my name is Alona (owner of the HappyPawsUS online store), and I want to share my story with what everything has started...

In summer, like most children, I spent holidays with my grandmother. A lot of people called me there a local veterinarian because I brought all animals into my home and saved them. Even once I brought a hedgehog.

Walking once along a forest path, I saw a wounded hedgehog — most of the needles were harmed, there was blood everywhere and he hardly moved. Perhaps somebody scoffed at him, kicked him and threw him out. I could not pass by it and took him to my home. So it was with all animals that I met on my way.

As you can guess, then my parents were not excited about that, but I stubbornly continued to save animals and brought them home.


When I was 10 years old, I really wanted to have a kitten, but not just a kitten, but a certain breed — the Scottish Fold. I don’t remember exactly where I first saw this breed, but the dream picture was clear: blue coat pattern, female, Scottish.

Of course, you might think that most children want a cute pet. But for me, it was not an ordinary whim that passes after a short time. I lived with my dream for years, I clearly knew what I want to the smallest detail and I was 100% sure that someday this would come true.

That was until that winter morning when I met her...


It was a normal winter day outside. I was walking around the courtyard and I heard a loud cat cry. Following the sound, I found a little kitten tangled in the branches of a tree. It was hard to believe, but it was she - that same cat from my dream: blue coat pattern, female, Scottish.

She was scared, lean and hungry — her eyes, in the literal sense, begged for help. Without hesitation, I helped her immediately and took her to my home. I was extremely happy and glowed with joy, finally, my dream came true. Of course, there were attempts to find the owners, because I did not know 100% that she was from the street or not. But her owners were not found.

Everything was perfect, but my happiness did not last long. My father insisted that we give the kitten away, as he was allergic to cats and intolerant to fur. Although, as it turned out later, he did not have an allergy, but apparently there were good reasons why everything happened just like that. As a result, I gave the kitten that I dreamed about for 6 years.

Being upset was nothing according to what I felt. My small world collapsed: I was very angry, felt insulted by my father, by myself and by the situation because of which everything happened. I was just overwhelmed.


I am a social educator by training, I have always been attracted by the idea of making the world a happier place so that it is comfortable and good for both people and animals. Over time, my interest in cats did not disappear, but on the contrary, even increased. I was interested in absolutely everything — breeds, breeding methods, education, nutrition, favorable living conditions, etc.

At that time, the Internet was not as popular as it is now and, therefore, I collected all the information bit by bit. By a fortunate coincidence, at the university I met my girlfriend's mother — she was a veterinarian and, of course, by chance, was engaged in breeding just the Scottish breed. And then I caught fire again...

A new world was opening up for me, and I could only imagine how many breeds really exist and how different they are. Learning more and more about every cat, I wanted every second one.

I literally absorbed all the information she shared with me. She always glowed when she talked about cats. It seemed to me that I was ready to listen to her stories forever, they inspired me very much. I adopted a lot from her, for which I am extremely grateful!

Dream come true

Years later, I still waited and, perhaps, to some extent really deserved my dream — on April 2, 2016, my baby was with me: blue coat pattern, female, Scottish Fold. It was a gift from my father. One of the most beautiful days of my life!

I cried with happiness... Finally, the goal was achieved, and the child’s resentment was gone.

My dream cat was called Nefertiti — insanely chic, affectionate and tender. I just adore her and I know that this is mutual love. Every day she gives happiness and fills me. I want to tell the whole world about her and share the joy!

The idea of own business

This is how the idea of my HappyPawsUS business came to me. From the very beginning, we began to delight families with the Scottish Fold breed, but over time we began to connect other popular as well as exclusive breeds.

Every time I personally hand a kitten into the hands of a loving family, my heart is filled with love. I am always sincerely happy for people, for their acquisition, and I am constantly worried about each pet, as my own. Also, I am always happy to share my knowledge and advice on various issues.

I am very happy that everything turned out that way. I do everything with great love and constantly improve. I can say with confidence — once you become part of our HappyPawsUS family, you will never regret it. Together, we can make our world a little better. Adding love, warmth and real care to him...

You're responsible for what you have tamed …
Antoine de Saint-Exupery "The Little Prince"