We offer a variety of purebred kittens in different color palettes and world-famous and distinctive breeds from all over the world by cooperating with many breeders. Once you've selected a kitty you like and are ready to reserve, we'll fulfill all operations and logistics to transition your kitty from our breeder to you. We complete all the necessary documentation, health screenings, and vaccinations from a certified vet.

1. Select a kitten that you liked on our website
2. Add it to the cart, proceed to the checkout
3. Compete the required information, and choose the delivery method that is available for you (if you are not sure today, we can always fix it together)
4. Pick the payment method that fits you.
Congratulations 😻

You'll receive an immediate email confirmation, and our team will contact you at your convenience to guide you through the process and ensure you're ready for the kitten's arrival.

Yes. By accepting the "Terms of Service" and submitting an order through the official website: https://www.happypawsus.com/ we guarantee you safe and healthy pet handling and delivery. Along with the "Privacy Policy" and confidentiality agreement and non-disclosure of personal information.

Feel free to place a non-refundable deposit of $500 through the website to secure your kitten and see it in person before paying. We will bring the same kitten as your reservation request.

* We do not have all kittens with us at all times, so scheduling a personal visit for pick up or delivery to your location will take additional time.
All the pictures on the website are current, and we can provide you with videos upon request.

We cooperate with several reliable local and mostly international breeders to provide you with various unique breeds and color selections. We don’t breed kittens or have them with us all the time.

All kittens undergo up-to-date vet screenings and possess vaccination records and health certificates.

All kittens that leave the breeder are at the age of 4 months old. By departure date, each kitten has 2 PCH vaccines and rabies shot, deworming, and chipped. A vet passport and health certificate signed by a USDA vet come along.

Our office is based in South Florida from where we operate the main administrative, logistics, and customer services.

  • Currently, we are operating as an online platform. Self-pick is available at advised locations. Delivery to local customers is available.

For the health reasons all kittens are staying with the breeder until they reach 16 weeks old, then ready to travel with a vet conclusion.

Your kitten will be ready for pick up/delivery within the next two weeks after reaching four months old. If your kitten is already 16 weeks old, you should expect to receive it within the next two weeks.
Our team will keep you posted on the delivery status and, depending on your location and delivery options, advise the fastest and most convenient methods.

Our logistic experts calculate, define, and arrange the best shipping routes and delivery methods based on your location and available options. That may include:

1. US-only delivery flat rate (cargo) – $600

*Airlines will NOT transport warm-blooded animals when ground temperatures exceed 85 degrees Fahrenheit or less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It Applies to origin, connection, and destination cities.

*Restrictions apply for the following snub-nosed breeds: Burmese, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, and Persian.

 2. Pet in the cabin (supervision with a fly nanny)– $900

*Price may be affected by long-distance flights.

 3. Local delivery Miami, FL (20 miles radius) – $50

4. Self-pick up-free

5. International delivery – to be advised by each case

*You will see your delivery options on the checkout page. If you are unsure which method suits you today, we can discuss it later.

*We will provide step-by-step guidance for any shipping option you will choose.

You can pay a deposit of $500 through the website to secure your kitten and pay the remaining balance at pick up.
Or pay in full by completing payment for your kitty by debit/credit card on our website.

We also accept payment options: Venmo App, Zelle, Apple pay

Each kitten is so unique and maybe picky to a new brand. We do recommend starting a kitty diet with Royal Canine Kitten. Dry or vet food brands: Royal Canine Kitten Babycat Food / Blue Buffalo / Hills / Instinct / Orijen.

According to Vets the most common types of natural litter are corn, wheat, pine, walnut, and paper. For the second choice, we recommend crystal litter is highly absorbent, controls odor well, and is dust-free.

Different kitties are coming from various clubs (WCF/CFA/FIFE/TICA), so it does take a little time to have them shipped to us, and we can get them promptly to you.
Please note* The kitten is being sold as a companion animal and not for commercial breeding purposes unless you purchased a kitten pedigree. The seller reserves the right to withhold the kitten's pedigree until the buyer presents a vet's letter stating that the kitten underwent spay/neuter surgery.

All our kittens have a microchip. It comes without any information on it. The number of your kitten's microchip you may be found in a health certificate or in kitten's vaccine card (it's 15 digit numbers). You can register the microchip number here for free: FreePetChipRegistry.com.

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