Pet/vet certification
You will receive all the information with your cat’s vet certification of health their vaccination and deworming records. The kitten will also have the passport from being shipped from the certified breeder with all kitty information.

Information and care instructions
We will also provide you with all the first steps for your kitten’s needs and the necessary things you should buy for them before bringing them home including food, bedding, and good ideas for toys and scratching posts!

Shipping instructions
Our logistic experts calculate, define, and arrange the best traveling routes and methods for deliveries based on your location and options available. That may include ground or air transportations, courier service delivery or air cargo shipment, delivery to your doorsteps, or pick up at the airport or advised location.

All kittens are available for pick up reaching 4 months old and vet conclusion
We are always happy to hear from our customers and how much they love their new family member! Feel free to check out their stories and testimonials yourself.

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