Sphinx Donskoy – Kriss


*Please be mindful that due to COVID – 19 global pandemic certain operations and time frames are affected.

INCLUDED with your new Happy Paws:

  • Pet/vet passport with all records

You will receive all the information with your cats vet certification of health their vaccination and deworming records.  The kitten will also have the passport from being shipped from the certified breeder with all kitty information.

  • Sales agreement

 You will also be provided with your sales agreement that was sent over and signed by both the seller and the buyer in agreement on price and the kitten specifications! 

We will also provide you with all the first steps of providing for your kitten and the necessary things you should buy for them before bringing them home including food, bedding, and good ideas for toys and scratching posts! 

Available for pick up/delivery after the reservation within the next 10-20 days after kitten reached 4 months old.

Delivery to any states available (not included to kitty price)

We love to hear from our customers and how much they love their new family member! Here is where some of our lovely customers have left feedback and testimonials! Feel free to leave one yourself if you have worked with us!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happypawsa/

If you would like to see some of our furry little friends just playing around, head on over to our Instagram page and show us some love! 

Instagram: happy.paws.usa





Explanation of procedure for international or domestic shipping.

Shipping options:

 1.US delivery by plain to any state of US 

We use a variety of methods to ship kittens (safety first) via Delta Pet First, United Airlines Pet Travel for $350 (price includes all transportation needs such as booking kitten’s flight, vet travel certificate, special travel carrier, preparing all documents, dropping kitty to the airport). *We will not be able to transport kittens by cargo when ground temperatures are higher than 85 degree Fahrenheit or less than 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This applies to origin, connection, and destination cities.

Please be aware that if your kitten is a Burmese, Exotic Shorthair, Himalayan, and Persian airlines have a particular snub nose restriction to them! Causing them to have a higher risk to be negatively affected during travel to your destination.  And it will be a little more difficult to get these kittens shipped to you through US airlines. 

In that cases, option 2 will work best.

All information will be communicated as the order is processed. Buyer responsible for pick up from agreed upon airport (Personal ID required at pick up).

  1. Fly nanny (US only) 

Personalized courier services both flying and/or driving. 

  1. Fly nanny – They are a courier that is hired to take your kitten to you and you are able to meet them at the airport! We can provide you with more details if this is an option that interests you.
  2. Ground Transportation- This is a paid service that picks up your kitten from the cargo warehouse and brings it right to your front door! We can provide more details for you if this option interests you. 


    3. International delivery by plane. 

   International pickups are very similar to US pick ups and we will go ahead and provide you with all the information you would need to successfully bring your new kitten home.  If there is any confusion about the Pick up procedure we can happily talk about this with you and get any concerns resolved.

Deposit Policy:

Just like every kitten the deposit is different, you will be able to see each deposit price on the kitten listing on our website. Please note all final payments do need to be made 5 days prior to the scheduled ship date for your kitten. Please let us know if you have any questions we are happy to answer them! Please know that the deposit is NOT refundable.


  • We offer pedigree of WCF/CFA/FIFE.
  • Kitty can be spayed/ neutered on customer request.
  • Kitty can be sold with breeding rights.
  • *Additional info pet request.

Return Policy:

You can return the cat only in case of genetic disease detected. A written statement by a licenced veterinarian identifying the problem must be provided to me to make the claim. If you can not provide this information your return will not be accepted and a refund can not be made! 


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