This Agreement is entered into this **** day of *******, 20**, by and among HAPPY PAWS LLC(hereinafter known as “Seller”) * Customer Name, Address, Email and Phone* hereinafter known as “Buyer”. Buyer and Seller shall collectively be known herein as "the Parties”.


WHEREAS, Seller desires to sell Pet described below, known herein as the “Pet", under the terms and conditions set forth below; WHEREAS, Buyer desires to purchase the Pet offered for sale by Seller under the terms and conditions set forth below; and, therefore.



The description of the Pet is as follows:

Pet Names: Nimo. Maine Coon in a black tiger color

Type: Kitten

Pure Breed: Maine Coon

Pet Class: Show Quality

Breeding Use: Not Allowed

Veterinary passport: Attached as ANNEXURE A


The total sale price to be paid by Buyer to Seller for the Pet is *Written Price* ($****) (U.S.) (hereinafter "Sale Price").

Shipping: $350.00

Total: $2,150.00

Deposit: $300.00

Second Payment: $1,850.00

Delivery is included the total sale price (by cargo)


AWB number (if available):

Journey number:

Total number of animal containers:

Total weight:


*Input flight plan*

Deposit of $**** paid through the website. Please know that your deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE after it has been received by the seller.

Remaining amount of total price $**** should be paid within 48 hours of kitten delivery day will be scheduled and confirm by third party provider United Pet Safe.


*Note: Please don’t use PayPal for remaining amount. PayPal only for deposits.

We accept personal checks (must be delivered 72h before actual shipping day), also Venmo App, Zelle, Cash App, Apple Pay, or you can call us and all make final payment all over the phone (571) 216 - 0531. For international payments, a bank transfer may be the best option.

Let me know which option is best for you and we can discuss as to where to send the payment.

We will provide kitten flight information AFTER last payment.

*****We will not be able to ship kitty if payment wasn’t received 48 hours before kitten shipping time. We thank you for your business.


Your delivery options are pick up by Cargo plane or in Miami FL.

* If you do plan to pick up your kitty in person, please understand that due to safety concerns we will meet in a public domain that is equipped with security cameras for the safety of both parties. All pick ups need to be scheduled between 9am and 7pm daily. Please contact seller for pick up location as we have locations to fit your needs.

Seller shall deliver the Pet, and Buyer shall take possession of same, at Seller's premises (either in person or through a third party) on 9th day of August, 2019 ("Delivery Date").


All pets are litter box trained and have already begun their training to a scratching post. The seller guarantees the pet is free of FeLV (feline leukemia) and FIV (feline AIDS). The seller will have the pet examined by a veterinarian and have all age appropriate vaccines completed at the time of pick up.

If pet dies within 1 year of purchase date due to hereditary or congenital defect, the seller will replace the pet when proof of the defect in the form of a complete necropsy report from a licensed pathologist is received by the seller within 30 days of necropsy being performed. The seller is not obligated to replace the exact color/pattern/sex of the pet, although all attempts to do so will be made. There will be no cash refunds.


The Seller guarantees the conformity of the Pet with the quality specified in this contract. The Seller shall transfer the Pet to the buyer at the age of not earlier than 3 month - as a pet, with preventive vaccinations without signs of Viral Diseases.

The Seller shall transfer the animal to the buyer in a healthy condition, vaccinated, de-worming. Make sure you do not give an additional vaccine to your pet within the first ten days unless otherwise instructed by your veterinarian. Failure to have the pet examined by a veterinarian within the first 3 days of receiving the kitten or any evidence of abuse, neglect, or mishandling releases the seller from any responsibility regarding the pet.

The Seller shall also transfer the veterinary passport of the international standard with the specified prophylactic vaccinations.


The Buyer shall provide the pet with proper care and maintenance, providing full nutrition, timely veterinary care and vaccination-the animal will be regularly (once a year) revaccinated against infectious Diseases After the initial exam, make sure to keep and maintain a copy of the exam or medical records. Not taking your pet to the vet within 3 days after receiving the pet may void the guarantee. We understand life happens and sometimes vet appointments are not sooner than 3 days. If this is the case all we ask is that you communicate with us so we can update your pet information in our system. The exam must be done by a licensed veterinarian.

Removing a pet’s rear nails can cause permanent damage to joints, ligaments, and tendons. Buyer agrees not to remove pet’s rear nails. Declawing of the rear nails will void contract.

The Buyer shall not transfer the pet to a shelter for pets, research center, etc.


In case Pet is found unhealthy at the moment of its acquisition confirmed by the Licensed Veterinary Clinic, the seller undertakes to accept return of the animal and shall refund the sale price paid by the buyer.

In case of dissatisfaction of the buyer with the purchased pet, as well as in cases of theft, problems with the toilet, appearance of allergy in the family, etc., the buyer has no right to demand from the seller a refund or any other compensation of damages.

If, at some future time, you feel the pet cannot continue to be a part of your home, please contact the seller before making any other arrangements. The pet should never be put into a rescue situation or humane society but should be returned to the seller to be re-homed if necessary without any refund.


All representations and warranties contained in this Agreement shall continue in full force and have effect until the delivery of the pet. Buyer shall only complete this agreement if Seller performs all his convents and representations and warranties are true upon the delivery of the pet.

No representation or warranty contained herein shall be deemed to have been waived or impaired by any investigation made by or knowledge of the other party to this Agreement.


This Agreement commences on this date,*** day of ****, 20** and shall continue until the full payment is made and delivery of the pet.


(a) Complete Agreement: This Agreement is the sole and entire Agreement between the parties. This Agreement supersedes all prior understandings, agreements, and documentation relating to such subject matter. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of the Agreement the Agreement shall take precedence.

(b) Modifications to Agreement: Modifications and amendments to this Agreement shall be enforceable only if they are in writing and signed by both parties.

(c) Applicable law: This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida.

(d) Notices: All notices and other communications given in connection with this Agreement shall be in writing.

(e) Severability: If a court finds any provision of this Agreement invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of this Agreement will be interpreted so as best to carry out the parties’ intent.


In Witness whereof, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above,


Signature: _______________________________

Name: Vasiliki Poulaki, 444 Gallivan Boulevard 02124 (attention Robert Dunphy) Dorchester, Boston, MA 02124

Date: ____________________



Name: Alona Yakymchuk

Address: 312 23rd Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33407

Date: 08/06/2019

The Agreement is signed in two copies: one for each party.





  • We will not guarantee the personality of the pet, any confirmation, the size and weight, the color, the markings or the breeding ability of the pup.
  • Heart murmurs grades 1 or 2 pose no threat to your pet and are not covered under this guarantee. These grades of murmurs are usually transient as you pet is still a baby and its entire organism is still developing. We do cover hip dysplasia for one year.
  • If you cannot show proof of your pet veterinary care and or timely vaccinations this will void the guarantee.
  • This guarantee will not cover spaying or neutering or undescended testes. Spaying or neutering can be made on buyer’s request.