Exotic Shorthair

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Snow Exotic female, whiteSnow Exotic female, white
Smoky Exotic male, blackSmoky Exotic male, black
Barney Persian male, creamBarney Persian male, cream
Bebi Exotic female, red color pointBebi Exotic female, red color point
Bonita Persian female, creamBonita Persian female, cream
Enrique Exotic male, red bicolorEnrique Exotic male, red bicolor
Elza Exotic female, red marbleElza Exotic female, red marble
Caezar Exotic male, red tabbyCaezar Exotic male, red tabby
Ferdinand Persian male, red marbleFerdinand Persian male, red marble
Benjamin Exotic male, red bicolorBenjamin Exotic male, red bicolor
Richi Exotic male, cream bicolorRichi Exotic male, cream bicolor
Funtik Exotic male, blackFuntik Exotic male, black
Harisson Exotic male, black bicolorHarisson Exotic male, black bicolor
Bonaqua Exotic female, red tabby bicolorBonaqua Exotic female, red tabby bicolor
Hall Exotic male, black harlequinHall Exotic male, black harlequin
Ashley Exotic female, color point bicolorAshley Exotic female, color point bicolor
Jenny Exotic female, red tabby with whiteJenny Exotic female, red tabby with white
Gari Exotic male, black bicolorGari Exotic male, black bicolor