Happy Paws offers only elite purebred kittens. With love, we care for our happy paws and we don’t stop until we find them the perfect family, one by one!

Founded in December, 2016 in the United States (US), we have worked hard to grow a big, great, and healthy cattery.

Happy Paws works with one of the best breeding catteries, Scottish World & Benedicte, which have an amazing combined experience of more than 15 years. Kittens grow in great home atmosphere where they receive lots of attention and become very friendly, social, and interactive.

All our kittens are potty and litter trained.

We proudly feature kittens that include the TOP-nine high-quality breeds, including: Scottish Fold and Straight, Scottish Highland, British Longhair, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, Silver and Gold Chinchillas.

Special requests of your perfect kitten breed are available too.

Domestic and International shipping available.

Our kittens have found their new homes in 24 states in the US. That's why we call our company *Happy Paws, US*

Also we have helped families to obtain their fur babies internationally in such as: Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.

Our main goal at Happy Paws is to find the perfect family for our paws, and for you to enjoy your best friend. It is a fact that our cats are therapy animals. They will bring a lot of happiness and love to you.

Our customers have said that cats helped them with migraine headaches, stomach and heart problems, and stress, and they have also helped a lot of women during physically tough days every month.

In addition, when a child has no brother or sister, research shows that pets help them develop greater empathy which can result in higher self-esteem, and possible increased participation in social and physical activities.

Cuddling your kitty every morning or after a hard-work day will give you much greater relaxation or energy as you are sharing love and receiving back.

Let us help you with that,

We are committed to keeping pure breeds so as to share with you the uniqueness of each kitty. All the felines are World Cat Federation members.

All Happy Paws breeding cats are vaccinated against feline infections, such as feline panleukopenia (fever), viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and rabies. All chipped.

Our kittens are cage free !!!!